Recipe Analysis & Adjustments


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The Recipe Analysis and Adjustment service is ideal for pet parents who are looking to have a homemade recipe analyzed and adjusted to NRC guidelines to ensure the diet provides all essential nutrients.

The service can be utilized for puppies, kittens or adult pets. It does not apply to premade pet food or ratio diets.

Adult recipes can be customized to specific needs such as weight loss or high level working and sporting activities if necessary. Each finished recipe provides all essential nutrients on a daily basis. Protein limitations can be accommodated. It is recommended to select a different service for pets who have therapeutic diet requirements. Phone consultations are sold separately.

Recipe Adjustment & Analysis Steps to Completion

The recipe analysis and adjustment service is ideal to improve home prepared recipes.

Submit A Recipe

Submit a raw recipe to be analyzed. Include each ingredient and the amount fed within a day for nutritional analysis.

Recipe Analysis

The submitted recipe is fully analyzed against NRC’s guidelines for essential nutrients to identify any nutritional gaps.

Recipe Adjustments

Modifications are made to the submitted recipe to meet NRC’s recommended allowances for essential nutrients.

Valuable Recipe Adjustment & Analysis Features

The Recipe Adjustment & Analysis Service includes 3 valuable features to help pet parents feed their dog or cat a balanced home prepared diet.

Original Recipe Analysis

A detailed report demonstrates the nutritional content of the submitted recipe compared to NRC’s recommended allowances for essential nutrients and any nutritional holes the recipe may have.

1 Professionally Audited Recipe

The submitted recipe is revised with all of the recommended adjustments necessary to achieve all essential nutrients required for optimal health.

Recipe Adjustment Report

A nutritional report is provided to demonstrate the recommended adjustments to the submitted recipe to meet NRC’s recommended allowances for essential nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all recipes are balanced to adhere to NRC recommended allowances for essential nutrients.

Yes, the recipe analysis and adjustment service is a one time fee.

The recipe analysis and adjustment service does not provide completed and prepared meals. The service includes recipes to create meals within your home using ingredients sourced locally or through an online supplier.

You can select between one and four recipes to be analyzed and adjusted.

The custom meal plan is an online service. All documents are emailed directly to you.

The service is available worldwide. All service fees are in USD and are created in English.

No, the analysis and adjustment service does not include ANY raw food or supplements. Perfectly Rawsome is not a raw food supplier.

All ingredients needed to create each recipe must be purchased from local resources, online suppliers, or raw feeding co-ops once the recipes are finalized.

Premade grinds using 80/10/10 ratios are not accepted for the analysis and adjustment service.  Submitted recipes will need to include individual pieces of muscle meat, raw meaty bones, organs, seafood, produce, etc.

The service is designed to analyze an existing raw recipe(s) to identify any nutritional inadequacies and make the necessary adjustments to provide a complete and balanced recipe.