All Life Stages Custom Meal Plan


All meal plans are completed in order received. There is a 4 week wait period for custom meal plans to be completed. If you have any questions, email

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All Life Stage meal plans are ideal for those who would prefer to feed the same recipes to multiple pets of different life stages. Pets must be of the same species.

This plan is useful for breeders or households that include a combination of young growing pets, adult pets and/or pregnant mothers. Each recipe provides all essential nutrients on a daily basis.

The recipes are formulated for the nutritional requirements of all life stages. Some adult pets may become constipated on the level of calcium required for All Life Stage formulation. Up to one protein limitation can be accommodated. It is recommended to select a different service for pets who have more than one protein limitation, or pets who have therapeutic diet requirements. Phone consultations are sold separately.

Valuable Custom Meal Plan Package Features

Each custom meal plan package includes 8 valuable features to help pet parents feed their dog or cat a balanced home prepared diet.

2 Balanced Recipes

All recipes are formulated to NRC's guidelines to provide all essential nutrients needed for All Life Stages.

2 Nutritional Reports

Reports are provided to demonstrate recipe calories and essential nutrients in comparison to NRC guidelines.

2 Adjustment Plans

An adjustment plan is provided with each recipe to calculate feeding amounts for individual feeding requirements.

2 Feeding Charts

A feeding guideline is provided per recipe to display estimated daily intake based on bodyweight and the recipe's calories.

1 Supplement Chart

The chart provides daily dosages of supplements to feed in lieu of whole foods for essential nutrients.

30 Day Shopping List

The shopping list calculates the ingredients needed to feed the meal plan for one month.

2 Week Email Support

Two weeks of email support is provided once the meal plan has been completed.

Exclusive Content

Additional guidelines are included to help with meal prep, transitioning, and substitutions.


Useful Custom Meal Plan Benefits

There are multiple benefits unique to Perfectly Rawsome’s Custom Meal Plan packages.

Preparation Choice

Each meal plan provides the option for raw or cooked recipe formulation for dogs and cats of all life stages.

Data Driven

All recipes are formulated using nutritional data provided from guaranteed analysis on fresh foods.

Completely Custom

Each package provides custom recipes for every pet's nutritional requirements and eating habits.

Practical Recipes

Recipes are formulated with common raw ingredients found in local supermarkets or online suppliers.

Budget Concious

Recipes are formulated to maintain a specific monthly budget for meal plan clients who are cost conscious.

Fresh Food Focused

Natural, fresh, whole foods are the primary focus for meeting nutritional requirements in recipe formulation.

Brand Recommendations

Different brands are recommended to provide options for online raw food suppliers and supplement options.

Print Friendly

All meal plans are delivered as a PDF file and are formatted to support full page printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all recipes are balanced to adhere to NRC recommended allowances for essential nutrients. A nutritional report is providing comparing the recipe’s nutritional content with NRC’s guidelines for adult maintenance, growth, and reproduction.

Yes, the custom meal plan service is a one time fee.

The custom meal plan packages do not provide completed and prepared meals. The packaged include formulated recipes to create meals within your home using ingredients sourced locally or through an online supplier.

The all life stage packages provide 2 balanced NRC recipes. Additional recipes can be purchased at a discounted rate.

The custom meal plan is an online service. All documents are emailed directly to you.

The service is available worldwide. All service fees are in USD and are created in English.

No, the custom meal plan packages do not include ANY raw food or supplements. Perfectly Rawsome is not a raw food supplier.

All ingredients needed to create each recipe must be purchased from local resources, online suppliers, or raw feeding co-ops once the meal plans are completed.

Premade grinds using 80/10/10 ratios are not used in custom meal plans.  The service is designed to provide pet parents with a fully custom meal plan for their dog or cat. Individual pieces of muscle meat, raw meaty bones, organs, seafood, produce, and supplements are only used when formulating the recipes in the custom meal plan. These ingredients can be sourced through local markets or online suppliers.

Single recipe formulations include a recipe formulated to the pet’s current calorie intake, a 30 day shopping list, and a nutritional report to show it provides all essential nutrients for optimal health. No other documents are included with single recipe formulations.