Commercial Diet Formulation



Commercial Diet Formulation Services are ideal for small business who would like to sell balanced dog and cat food.

Valuable Commercial Formulation Features

Each commercial formulation service provides 6 valuable features to help small businesses create and sale balanced pet food. 

1 Phone Consultation

A preliminary phone consultation is scheduled to discuss the components of commercial pet food formulation, client expectations, and formulation deliverables.

1 Balanced Recipe

Each recipe is formulated to achieve nutritional balance according to NRC's & AAFCO’s recommended allowances for essential nutrients for the desired life stage and species.

1 Nutritional Analysis

A nutritional breakdown is provided with each recipe to demonstrate the calories, macro, and micro nutrients are meet NRC & AAFCO’s recommended allowances for essential nutrients.

1 Free Recipe Adjustment

A round of recipe formulation adjustments is included in the event of major ingredient supply changes, desired ingredient changes based on client feedback, etc.

Feeding Guidelines

A feeding guideline is provided per recipe to display estimated daily feeding recommendations based on bodyweight, life stage, activity, and the recipe's calories.

Batch Recipe List

The batch list calculates the ingredients needed to mix large quantities of the pet food at a time – the batch calculations are dictated by the client's needs.


Useful Commercial Formulation Benefits

There are multiple benefits unique to Perfectly Rawsome’s Commercial Formulation Services.

Preparation Choice

Each commercial formulation service provides the option for raw or cooked recipes for resale purposes.

Data Driven

All recipes are formulated using nutritional data provided from guaranteed analysis on fresh foods.

Completely Custom

Each commercial formulation service is tailored to each business' needs and goals.

Whole Food or Supplement Additions

Whole foods are the primary focus however supplements are often required to supply single protein formulas.

Brand Recommendations

Bulk suppliers are recommended to provide supplement options for businesses located in and outside the US.

Print Friendly

All commercial formulated recipes are delivered as a PDF file and are formatted to support full page printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all recipes are balanced to adhere to NRC & AAFCO recommended allowances for essential nutrients.

Yes, the commercial formulation service is a one time fee.

The commercial formulation service is an online service. All documents are emailed directly to you.

The service is available worldwide. All service fees are in USD and are created in English.

Only one phone consultation is provided to new commercial formulation clients to discuss the differences of commercial formulation in comparison to DIY personal pet food. Commercial formulation clients wanting additional recipes after the initial consultation is completed are discussed via email.