Dry Dog Food + Fresh Food Spreadsheet


All feeding guidelines are created using dry dog food and fresh food. The spreadsheet provides a weekly feeding rotation, consolidated shopping list, and a nutrition report comparing the fresh food additions to AAFCO’s minimum requirements adult maintenance, puppy development, and reproduction life stages.


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Weekly fresh food feeding plan for dogs who eat dry dog food.

Valuable Spreadsheet Features

The Dry Dog Food + Fresh Food Spreadsheet includes 6 valuable features to help pet parents feed their dog fresh food ingredients with dry dog food.

Offline Accessibility

Adjusting the feeding guide can be accomplished offline through Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets offers offline editing capabilities within the settings and needs to be manually enabled to gain access to this feature.

Life Stage Options

All life stages are included. The report compares the fresh food’s nutritional data to AAFCO’s minimum requirements for adult maintenance, puppy development, and reproduction life stages.

Four Rotational Menus

Each spreadsheet provides four menus utilizing raw muscle meat, bones, organs, fish, vegetables, and fruit. The four menus are intended to be fed in rotation with one another throughout one week.

Whole Food Focused

The weekly feeding rotation utilizes up to 20% of muscle meat, an optional raw meaty bone, seafood, organs, vegetables, dairy, and fruit to enhance the nutritional content in a dog’s dry food diet.

Batch Shopping List

A batch shopping list automatically consolidates the weekly feeding rotation and calculates a shopping list to any desired number of weeks. This provides an estimated budget and quantities needed.


The spreadsheet provides the option for users to add in their own custom foods by food category to include additional foods to the options present. An instructional video on adding custom foods is provided with the spreadsheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the purchase only includes a spreadsheet to calculate fresh food additions into dry dog food. Products will need to be purchased from local supermarkets or online suppliers in addition to purchasing the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet calculates 4 feeding menus that are rotated in a 7 day feeding period (1 week).

A download link will be emailed to you once payment is received.

Yes, pet parents outside of the US can gain the benefits of the Dry Dog Food + Fresh Food Spreadsheet! Units of measurements are available in pounds and kilograms.

The spreadsheet calculates up to 20% of fresh food additions into AAFCO balanced dry dog food. The nutritional report provided in the spreadsheet calculates the total calories and nutrients the fresh food provides. The nutrients from the fresh food are compared to AAFCO’s minimum guidelines for adult maintenance, puppy development, and reproduction.

The nutritional report will display any nutrients lacking from the fresh food additions which would warrant adjustments to the ingredients selected or supplementation. Additionally, the spreadsheet allows for the addition of custom foods.

Yes, the spreadsheet allows the ability to add in custom foods to the original options provided. An instructional video is provided with the spreadsheet after payment is received.

The Dry Dog Food + Fresh Food spreadsheet only has one compatibility option at this time. Both the Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets versions are formatted for desktop viewing. Users with mobile devices can still use the spreadsheet on their phone or tablet; but the formatting may not be ideal for smaller screens.

Additional information

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel