Custom 80/10/10 Feeding Guide


An additional fee of $38.57 is added per ratio premade pet food that needs a feeding guide.

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The 80-10-10 Feeding Guides are ideal for pet parents who prefer to feed premade PMR or BARF grinds that contain meat, bones and organs. The guides can also be useful in elimination diets.

Daily dosages are provided for whole foods and supplements to fulfill the common deficiencies that are known for each protein. The feeding guides are not considered “complete and balanced” NRC recipes due to the lack of nutritional data from the pre-made manufacturers. This feeding method may not be ideal for pets with specific formulation requirements such as working, sporting or therapeutic. These guides do not apply to AAFCO complete raw pet foods or products that do not follow PMR or BARF ratios. Phone consultations are sold separately.

Valuable Service Features

The Custom 80/10/10 Pre-Made Whole Food & Supplement Feeding Guide includes 3 valuable features to help pet parents fulfill known nutrient deficiencies in ratio pre-made pet food.  The feeding guides provide feeding amounts for whole foods and supplement dosages needed to fulfill common nutritional deficiencies in ratio pre-made dog and cat food. Options for dogs and cats of all life stages is supported.

80/10/10 Personal Preferences

The 80/10/10 pre-made service utilizes the pet parent's pet food of choice to calculate the additional ingredients needed to fulfill known nutritional deficiencies.

Whole Food & Supplement Guide

Two feeding guides are provided. One guide is focused on utilizing whole foods for essential nutrients and the other provides supplement alternatives.

Monthly Shopping List

A monthly shopping list calculates the amount of 80/10/10 pre-made, whole foods, and supplements needed for 30 days of meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the purchase only provides whole food and supplement feeding calculations for individual pet needs. Products will need to be purchased from local supermarkets or online suppliers in addition to purchasing the spreadsheet.

The feeding guides only account for one pre-made blend. An additional fee is applied for multiple pre-made feeding guides.

A PDF of the whole food and supplement feeding guides will be emailed to you 3 business days following sign-up.

Yes, pet parents outside of the US can gain the benefits of the Custom 80/10/10 Pre-Made Feeding Guide Service! Units of measurements are available in pounds and kilograms.

The feeding guides are not considered “complete and balanced” recipes due to the lack of recipe data from the pre-made manufactures. Our Canine Nutritionists utilize the available ingredient data, ingredient ratios (if available), and macronutrient data (if available) to identify any potential deficiencies in the 80/10/10 pre-made being fed. Whole foods and supplements included in the feeding guides are calculated based on the individual pet’s caloric need and NRC’s minimum requirements.

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